Give Me Shelter

by Worlds

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Staring at a flickering light, for so long in my life That's how I end up here, and that's what I've come to fear Those moments when I cant suppress these feelings I cant express I lose control Concrete floors sink beneath my feet, and padded cells are next for me Stop sneaking pills in everything I eat If that's what you want Ill fucking starve I'm over everyone you want me to see, They are not trying to help me, They are just trying to numb me So Ill be what you want me to be Ill never be what you want me to be. Why cant you see, you're not like me. (Lonely, Scary, Extra Ordinary) Someday you'll see what you did to me Lock me up, and throw away the key
Saunter across these eggshells and tiptoe through the glass Take a few steps forward, I'm dying to express Its a guided tour, through my hells A chance to feel how I feel and how Ive always felt. and I cant take it anymore To touch you is such a chore Your breath fucking wreaks Why are you so fucking weak? Why am I so fucking weak? This wont last a week Why do you speak to me? This wont last a week What can you see in me? I'm ashamed of the things Ive been put through, I'm ashamed of the person I am I don't even like me
Three Worlds 02:12
Growing up on the other side Your grass was always greener but all that green it seems to blind the living blind, the see blind Jamming pop culture down your throat, you don't even fucking choke absent minded banter is all I ever hear We just want more, more and more. Prosperity beyond measure with an appetite for more Destroying ourselves in a twisted self image Consuming because we know no limit You care more about your fucking hair and everything you wear Look in the mirror and tell me what you see. Humanity stuck on the brink of sanity, or a culture caught up in its own Vanity? Got those first world problems, Don't know how to solve em Ill pull the plug on the first world The darkness will make you see
Somniphobe 02:03
Attachment. Affection. Adoration Are so foreign to me but even when they're lying right next to me I still can even fucking sleep Sinking so deep, So deep inside of me Dreams are the weights, tied to my feet My eyes are bagged, my noose is fucking hung Someday you'll see why I never sleep Unfit, Cant get a grip, Watch myself slip, I open up a bit Spitting questions at me, Until you fucking see Why I never sleep Don't try to comfort me, because you wont believe Why I never sleep


released July 11, 2011

Recorded at CDR Studios Milltown, NJ
Engineered, Produced, Mixed by: Chris Ross
Mastered by: Bill Henderson Azimuth Mastering


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